1 fl oz. Propolis Tincture Extract (Alcohol Free)


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Propolis Tincture Extract


John Diamond, M.D., of Valley Cottage, N.Y., and President of the International Academy
of Preventive Medicine, tells of seeing some remarkable benefits because of propolis.
“Of all the natural supplements I have tested, the one that seems to be the most
strengthening to the thymus, and hence to life energy, is beeresin, or bee propolis,
a resin secreted by trees and then metabolized by the bees, which bring it back to the
hive to line the interior.

For many years, it has proved to be effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi.
We now know that the reason for this is that it activates the thymus gland and therefore
the immune system.

Cleanses Cells, Bloodstream: European scientist, V.A. Balalykin reports
that bee Propolis has blood-cell cleansing and revitalizing values, and the ability to
sweep away harmful bacteria. Tests report that propolis stimulates the reaction of
phagocytosis: which alerts the white blood cells to engulf and digest bacteria and wastes.

Essentially, bee propolis initiates an accelerated intracellular digestion of
staphylococci (poison forming substances) and promotes a cleansing of cells
and bloodstream. It provides a major healing reaction.

Medical Applications of Propolis:
Wounds, burns and acute infections have successfully been treated with propolis.
Propolis is known to have wound healing and tissue regenerative properties.

Propolis ointment has been shown to increase the production of epithelial cells,
increase the circulation, and decrease scar-tissue.

In addition, propolis ointment acts as topical analgesic and doesn’t stick to the wounds, which is very important for skin grafts.

The Bioflavonoid Connection: As a natural therapeutic, propolis power may well be attributed to its rich concentration of
bioflavonoids (a group of nutrients that enhance the effectiveness of vitamin C). Bioflavonoids in propolis have a protective effect on virus infections.

Viruses are enclosed in a protein coat. As long as it remains unbroken it is rendered harmless until it breaks open. That is when we come down with an infection. The flavonoids in propolis protect that protein coat around the virus so that it stays harmless.

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1fl oz Propolis Tincture1 fl oz. Propolis Tincture Extract (Alcohol Free)